Mike and Kelly's Wedding and Honeymoon Story

Saturday August 10, 2002

Went over to the church to start decorating for the reception at 10.  The caterer that said that they would be there at 11 to sent out the linens… of course it was closer to noon by the time that they showed up!!  Got all the decorating done by 3:30 (thanks to everyone that helped with that!!)  At 5:00 the bridal party met at the church for the wedding rehearsal.  At 6:00 it was time that we all went and had some dinner at the Canandaigua Inn on the Lake!!  At the end of dinner the guys all went their own ways and the girls went to the Econo Lodge in Farmington!!  The mom’s and the bridesmaids gave Kelly a surprise bridal shower!  It was a fun night but ended very late when Kelly and her bridesmaids went to their room and did nails and talked makeup.  Some of the guys had their own fun that night and Mike, his dad, brother and Everett went out to a movie!! 


Sunday August 11, 2002

Morning came very quickly… for the girls at least!  Everyone was awake by 6:30am!!  All went well… even with Alison breaking the shower in the hotel room (just joking Al!!)!  Everyone was at the church at 11:00 and that was when things really got hectic… again at least for the girls!  Time passed very quickly and before everyone knew it, it was time to sneak around downstairs and to the front of the church!  THEN WE GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The wedding ceremony went very well and the reception was a lot of fun!!  We left for our honeymoon around 5:45 that night!!  Got to Lake George at around 9:15 and checked into the hotel!  Then we spent the rest of the night opening their cards from the moneybox!


Monday August 12, 2002

We walked around a little while and went to check out the cruise ships.  Stopped to have a bite to eat for breakfast at a place names Over Easy.  Kelly convinced Mike to go through a haunted house called Dr. Morbid’s Haunted House.  Mike didn’t like it to say the least!!  It was one of those places that you go through a dark room with gross little displays everywhere and you have a tour guide that leads you around the whole thing and then there is the girl that follows you though the whole place and jumps out at different times during the tour and laughs when she gets you to jump!!  Needless to say she was laughing a lot!!  After we got out of that one we went to The House of Frankenstein!   Another place that Mike didn’t like too much… but this one wasn’t nearly as bad!!  They did have one thing that was different and weird though!! You had to go through this hallway that they had named the black hole!!  It was cool cause it was spinning and it made you feel like the whole room including the door at the end of the tunnel was spinning!  After that we walked around the town and did some tourist shopping.  After that we went back the hotel and changed to go to the beach!!  The hotel had a little section of the water roped off for people and it ended up being about 2 feet deep at the end of it!!  When we were done with that we went back to the hotel and got ready for our dinner reservations!!  We had made the dinner reservations at George’s for 6:00 and when we got there we just missed the BIG crowd!!  It was packed in there about 20 minutes after we got there!!  We went all out for dinner, we each ordered an appetizer (Mike had clams and Kelly got a jumbo shrimp cocktail), we both got a cup of crème of broccoli soup, a plate from the salad bar including bread, and then the main course (Mike got a king cut of prime rib, which is one of the pictures on the website, and Kelly got a chicken parisian that half of went back to the hotel with us), then we both got a dessert to go (Mike got the chocolate crème pie and Kelly got the peanut butter cup pie).  The whole bill, including tip, came to $95.00!!!  After dinner we decided that we had to walk off some of the food, so we walked around the town some more.  We went and got our tickets for the dinner cruise and the fireworks cruise since both cruises are very popular and fill up fast!  Not too far from the where the boats were there was a place that you could go on horse drawn carriage rides, so got in line for that.  While waiting though Kelly went and talked to the lady that was running the desk that night and when she turned around to go back to Mike a bat almost flew into her head!  Although she did not know about it until we got back to the hotel, which was a good thing cause she would have freaked out!!  We got onto the carriage and Bill the horse (another picture on the website) and Zack the guide took us on a two mile ride around a part of Lake George.  After that we went back to the hotel to have our desserts.  When we finished we thought about going to the arcade for a little while so we opened the door and Mike started to walk out but was stopped when he saw that there was a very big spider crawling up the middle of the doorway!  Quickly we closed the door.  After about 30 seconds we opened the door quickly and ran out of the room!!  While at the arcade we played two games of air hockey, Kelly won the first game and Mike won the second.  Then it was onto the ticket giving games.  In the end we had a total of 200 tickets which was just enough for two carabineers that said Lake George, NY on them.  We walked back to the hotel room and went out on our private deck looking out onto the lake and watched the meteor shower.  Then it was off to sleep for us!


Tuesday August 13, 2002

When we woke up we noticed that there was a voice mail on our cell phone.  We found out that the full sized Gallant that we weren’t suppose to have been able to rent from Enterprise (that is another story!)  was actually a sold vehicle and they were calling us to see if we could bring it back to them and switch it for a different car.  So Kelly called them back and they said that they had told the buyer that he couldn’t have it for a month anyways so they were not going to be switching our piece of crap car!  So it was off to the rest of our day!!!  First stop was to buy tickets for the one hour cruise on the Minni Ha Ha (pictures of the boat are on the website).  While waiting for our tour we bought ice cream cones!! Then it was down the lake we went!  It was funny to see all the boats rush past us to wave at the boat and the kids that made signs to hang on their houses saying hi and how people would just come out of their houses to wave to us as we went by.  We went to the gift shop that is on the boat and got a few souvenirs.   After the tour we went to the miniature golf course that is across the street from the boats.  There were two different 18-hole courses to choose from, one of them was around the world in 18 holes and the other was around the US in 18 holes.  We went on the US side, which there are some pictures of on the website!)  On the third hole Mike hit the ball a little too hard and the ball ended up bouncing under a car in the parking lot.  Kelly waiting until there was nothing around but sidewalks connecting to the rest of the course to hit her ball off the green.   It was at this time that we started feeling the sunburn starting!!  So on the way back to the hotel we bought some milk, orange juice and sunscreen!!  And then went to the hotel to relax a little.  That night we went by a souvenir shop that was having 25% off the whole store so we went in and Kelly bought a new purse, granted it was like $5 and will probably last a month…maybe!  We went to the man that was drawing characters (also pictures of that are on the website!)  Then we went to dinner at the Boardwalk.  Spent at least two hours there, mostly waiting for the right food to come, before we got out of there only spending $75 on dinner!  Mike had the filet minion and a lobster tail and Kelly got the all you can eat snow crab, which also included the salad bar and other types of dinner dishes.  All in all the food was good it was just the service that sucked!!  We walked around the town some more and Kelly got a fake tattoo (picture of that can be found on the website!)  Then it was back to the hotel to sleep.


Wednesday August 14, 2002

Woke up and ate Oreos, cheeses, and orange juice for breakfast, yes we ate the orange juice, our refrigerator was working a little too well and the orange juice had pieces of ice in it!  Next thing on our list to do that day was parasailing!!  It was a lot of fun and Kelly took pictures of Lake George while she was flying around and some pictures of Mike taking off and landing although it was VERY shaky while she was up there! Then we went back to the hotel to change and it was off to Natural Stone Bridges and Caves in Pottersville, NY.  There are a lot of pictures on the website from that place.  It was hot and the trail was long but it was a very nice place.  We spent some money in the gift shop, we mined our own bag of gems, and we picked out our own geode rock!  Geodes are the rocks that you see in those science stores at the mall with the crystals in the middle of them!!  Well this one was one that had never been cut and you pick which one you want, the cost of the rock is dependant on the size of it.  We got the biggest rock that we could find and it was still cheaper then the small already cut and finished geodes that were on display!!  When they got it cut the guy that was helping us went around and showed everyone that was working cause it turned out to be well developed inside.  Then it was back to Lake George for the dinner cruise.  For dinner there was toss salad, melon, potatoes in butter, chicken in a mushroom sauce, baked codfish, and roast beef.  There was live entertainment that of course the lady that was singing couldn’t sing the song the same way that the original person recorded it. But Kelly finally got Mike to dance with her to the last slow song that they played for the night, “From this Moment On”.  They only had one choice for dessert on the cruise and it was cheesecake which was fine with Kelly, but Mike doesn’t like cheesecake so on the way back to the hotel we stopped and got Mike an ice cream cone and some chocolate fudge for the both of later that night!


Thursday August 15, 2002

Bought a canvas Lake George bag and filled it with some drinks and went and rented a boat!  We got the last 90 horsepower boat that they had… renting boats was also a popular idea with the other tourists also!  Went back to the hotel to change for dinner.  Went to Mario’s for dinner that night, and had mozzarella sticks and salad, then the main course, Mike had spaghetti and meatballs and Kelly had the three cheese lasagna. Then we went to see if we could get our old time picture taken.  Another popular idea with the other tourists, this was our third time trying to get it and we found that the waiting list ended at the same time that our fireworks tour started so we told them that we would try again tomorrow.  So we went and waited to get on the boat to see the fireworks.  We were the third couple in line by the time the boat was starting to get ready to board!  The dinner cruise was just getting back so we watched all them get off the boat from the one exit that they had opened up!  There was a group of old tourists that had apparently all come on one of those tour buses and the bus was not having fun trying to get to the old people.  The people that were in line with us decided to help out the driver and move the barriers that were there.  Finally got on the boat and rushed up the top deck for a good seat.  Saw the fireworks and went on a little tour of the lake!  There was live entertainment on this cruise also.  The guy that played the keyboard was the same but the lady was different.  This lady was worse… she kept singing songs an octave lower then they were originally sung at.  But all in all it was a good time.  After the boat docked again and we made it out of the one exit that they wanted everyone to get out of we went and got ice cream and then went back to the hotel.


Friday August 16, 2002

Got up early as to beat everyone to the old time picture place.  Got in there and was able to take the picture right then and there.  Mike had to step into the pants and put on the shirt that was cut so that it was the front of the shirt and tied in the back, and then put on the vest.  Kelly had to go into the changing room and change into a dress that was cut so that it was the front of the dress and it tied in the back, but the one side was ripped all the way down the seam so that the whole back part of the dress was left open after tying it.  The whole thing took a very short amount of time.  Afterwards we went and finished our souvenir shopping.  Went to the hotel to go swimming and found that there were a lot of other people that had the same idea.  There were a lot of kids that all they wanted to do was jump into the deep end of the pool (which was 8 feet deep) even though there were people there.  So we got splashed a lot.  Then it started to thunder and rain so we got out.  The maids came to clean our room while we were there so while they were in there we went for a walk and then headed back to get the car for dinner.  We went to George’s for our last night at Lake George.  WE both got a jumbo shrimp cocktail as an appetizer, Mike had another king cut prime rib and Kelly got the all you can eat salad buffet, which was a whole lot more then just salad!!  And we took dessert home again… Mike got the chocolate crème pie and Kelly got the key lime pie.  After dinner we went for a last walk through the town and did some last minute shopping while a nice lightening show went on!  Went back to the hotel and had dessert and packed to go back home. 


Saturday August 17, 2002

Got a wake up call at 7:00 and got ready to leave.  The hotel had messed our bill up and told us that our Discover card would not accept the bill so we had to straighten that out… turned out that the hotel tried to bill us twice!  Got on the road to head back to Farmington where we stayed at Mike’s parents fro a couple of hours enjoying the pool and some hot dogs!  Went to the airport and got on our first plane.  Smooth flight to Atlanta!!  Stayed in Atlanta for almost 4 hours waiting for our next flight so we watched the international planes land and take off and had some dinner at Pizza Hut and walked around a lot!!  Finally got on our last plane and found out that we had to wait for some luggage to get on the plane.  Made it to Newport News a little after midnight and when we got home we found that Kelly’s parents had decorated our bedroom!!  So we were up until 3 opening presents and getting the room kitten proof so that the boys could go in there!


And that was our honeymoon!!  

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