Wedding Guest List

Mike and Kelly
Mom, Dad, Richard, and Steven Getz
Mom, Dad, and Kevin Daggs
Alaina Youmans
Angela Sens
Bob, Joy, Carrie, and Willie Baumgartner
Joe and Cathie Bertino
Robin Clark
Alison Gardiner
Meme and Grandpa Getz
Rob and Terri Getz
Julie Goodale
Michelle and Cesar
Eric and Sarah
Leona Merkle
Jim Nickle
Karen Betsinger
Veronica and Eileen Calvo
Mr. and Mrs. Sens
Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner
Mr. and Mrs. Grapenstetter
Heather Ryan
Donna and Stephen Frarey
Grandma and Grandpa Mann
Everett Cooley
Carol Willson
Dave Willson
Matthew Willson
Roger, Nancy, Roger,and Katie Strong
Jim and Kathy DiSessa
Karl and Dianne Hemmerich
Hal and Judy Ashe
Jim Desessa, Jill and Jason
Patrick, Krissie, and Kaitlin Rurka
Pete and Cindy Ingalsbe
Tom and Debbie Reichert
Len and Ellie Elliott
Jim and Jane Kerr
Stella Richards
Diane Meszko
Gary and Donna Nauman
Bob Holben and Jackie
Grand Total: 78

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